Credit Mall Limited (CML)



 Credit Mall Limited is a wholly owned Ghanaian company established in 2001 by the Teachers Fund of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) to provide unique credit solutions to members of the Teachers Fund by offering items on hire purchase with affordable monthly repayments over the period of time compatible with income levels.
The Company initially started a business by meeting the household and home appliance needs of teachers on hire purchase. Over the years, the company has extended its product line to include laptops, motorbikes, building materials etc. Initially operating from its head office based in the Teachers Fund Building in Accra, it has begun decentralizing its operations to selected regions in order to bring the company’s services closer to the doorstep of the teacher.Visit their website



TF Financial Services



 TF Financial Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Teachers Fund, licensed to operate as a Financial House under Section 4(1) of the FINB Law 1993. The company was established in accordance with the Fund’s objective of diversifying some of its investments into long-term holdings. The company has defined as its niche market salaried workers employed by both the private and public sectors of the Ghanaian economy and aims to concentrate its core activities on the provision of loans to this market segment. Beside employee salary loans, executive salary loans and employee salary advance that are products mainly targeted at workers, the company is also involved in Local Purchase Order/Supply Contract Finance and Receivable/Invoice Finance. The company has currently had branches in Kumasi and Takoradi.Visit their website



TF Properties Limited



TF Properties Limited — the company was established to manage the properties and all housing-related investments of the Teachers Fund. Through this company, the Fund has constructed a thousand bed Student Hostel facility at Legon and an eight-storey Office Complex at the independence avenue in Accra.Visit their website