The Teachers Fund of GNAT has introduced a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) as part of moves to improve its services to members across the country.

The introduction of the CRM system is to afford members the opportunity to access their basic information on the go, via the internet, whiles improving the ease of doing business with the Fund.

The system currently being piloted is expected to be fully introduced to members from the month of July 2019.

In an interview, the Head of Marketing of the Fund Kweku Acquah noted that “the introduction of the CRM system, is part of management’s plan to get the Fund closer to its members and also be innovative in a technologically competitive world”.

According to him, when the system is fully deployed, members will have access to their Account information, Bio-data and beneficiary details, balance on loans accessed, loan repayment schedule, mini account statements. Members can also make changes to the details of their beneficiaries.


The ultimate goal is to have members transact business with the Fund via the platform to reduce the travel time and cost members incur when they have to move from far places to the District and sometimes to the Fund Secretariat in Accra for some basic information.

Mr Acquah noted that one unique change that has been effected in the Fund’s operations is the increase in the number of persons one can nominate as the next of kin.

He said, “previously a member was entitled to nominate only one person but now, a member can have up to four persons as beneficiaries in the event that he or she passes on”.

The teachers Fund is a retirement supplement scheme for GNAT registered members.

It has over two hundred thousand members across the country who contribute a minimum of fifty (50) Ghana Cedis a month.

However, some members contribute more than the fifty Ghana every month and these members are called optional contributors.