Month: November 2017

GNAT Warns GES Against Wrongful Transfers

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), has expressed unhappiness about the manner in which the Ghana Education Service (GES) was transferring teachers without their transfer grants. The Association said it continued to receive complaints from teachers that they were being compelled to fill a “weaver of T and T” form to go on transfer, while they had not made any request to be transferred. The situation GNAT viewed as a blatant violation of the collective agreement and the regulations governing transfers, adding that “transfers must be done with all humility and fairness”. Consequently, GNAT has sounded a word of caution to the GES to desist from such practices because it could amount to huge judgment debt. Mr William Abedi Boadu, Central Regional Secretary of GNAT, who expressed these sentiments in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, advised that in the expected transfers, GES should ensure that funds were secured to pay the legitimate entitlements of the affected teachers to bring about a smooth exercise. He said while the employer had the right to deploy employees to where their services were most needed, employees’ right to claim their legitimate entitlements should not be stifled. “Ambiguous statements like ‘T and T’ to be borne by the teacher and re-imbued as and when funds are available as stated in most of the transfer letters are not acceptable. The rights thing...

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Basic Contribution To Teachers Fund Increased.

The National Council of the Ghana National Association of Teachers, GNAT has given approval for an increase in the monthly basic contribution of members to the Teachers Fund. The new minimum contribution will commence in the month of March, 2015.  The Fund set up in May 1998, serves as a retirement supplement scheme for registered members of GNAT.  Over the years, the Fund has grown both in numbers and in value. The Teachers Fund is the second largest pension scheme in Ghana with over One hundred and Seventy Thousand contributors.  Currently, the Fund is valued at over three hundred million Cedis with an average Return on Investment of...

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Trust Deed

In February 1999, a Trust Deed was signed between GNAT and the Board of Trustees of the Teachers Fund. In this document GNAT entrusted the safe-keeping and sound management of the Fund into the care of the Board of Trustees. The Trust Deed and the Rules and Regulations articulate the broad framework within which the Board is expected to oversee the management of the affairs of the Fund. View